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With Gratitude.

The task has not been easy, but the need has been clear. My challenge has been incorporating a hand drawn tool into an interactive learning model for patients and for my students. Creating a clear timeline to understand the effects of cancer treatment in recovery is simply hard. Every individual cancer diagnosis is exactly that...individual. Two people can have the same pathological diagnosis, but the individual response to the treatment protocol can greatly vary. Guidelines are necessary and helpful and can still fall short in the support and recovery applications. The launch of the Cancer Recovery Arc is my attempt to create a clear direction for engaging in the conversation, directing survivorship action plans, and in providing a framework for understanding why we make adjustments to exercise programming and massage modalities. With great gratitude I offer the Cancer Recovery Arc to the hundreds of clients and patients that have welcomed me into their cancer journey. To all that have trusted me to touch their ill and healing bodies, to those that have passed and to those that have not only survived, but thrived. I am grateful and humbled. I am grateful to all of my students who have allowed me to learn with every step that I have taught. Without you much of this information would be lost in translation. May we all be well.

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